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Shaar Chemical  company chose to bring the Israeli market two products are particularly effective to neutralize odors
Technology (Preventive Odor Control Agents) POCA
Enviro Chem Cx- effective in treating all types of nitrogen bonds and Bmrkftanim.
Enviro Chem AG- effective in treating all types of sulfur compounds and Mrkftanim, sulphides and Polisolapidim.
The POCA Technology (Preventive Odor Control Agents) - an innovative, safe and easy to implement solution, which completely solves the problem of odor, efficiently and sustainably.

POCA technology, developed by Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems ™ (USA *), attacks the problem at the source of the smell. This is not a "cosmetic" masking cure. Products based on the POCA neutralize the odor by preventing the action of bacteria and oxygen products that convert nitrogen and sulfur in small volatile and smelly molecules.

ENVIRO-CHEM ™ products are safe for the environment. They are sold as concentrated liquid, acting by direct contact, and are effective for weeks or months. All these advantages explain the great success of products in Europe and the United States for over ten years in a wide range of applications: installations of sewage treatment, landfills, industrial plants, composting facilities, water holding tanks, septic tanks and more.
Projects in Israel

The products are marketed successfully in wastewater treatment facilities, industrial plants, sewage systems, landfills, and more.

The results show a significant decrease in odor annoyance while reducing the values ​​of NH3 and H2S - MERC 
Examples of the results of a pilot wastewater treatment facility in the country

MSDS Enviro Chem CX

MSDS Enviro Chem AG

 Using Environmental Protection Product