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Abir Chemicals Ltd  markets chemicals and auxiliary equipment for public swimming pools and other industries.
Abir chemicals is a subsidiary of sha'ar chemicals ltd, one of israel's leading industrial chemicals marketing and distribution companies.
Abir Chemicals provides loyal service for numerous public swimming pools, sports and recreational centers and some of the biggest hotel chains in Israel.  
The company's management and logistics center are based in the Emek Hefer Industrial Park. The company also has a branch in Eilat– Abir Chemicals Eilat – which is based in the Shehoret industrial area..
Abir Chemicals is the exclusive representative of some of the world's leading chemicals manufacturers, who follow rigorous standards of quality assurance.
Abir Chemicals operates an extensive logistics lineup, which includes trucks and tankers; as well as a team of highly skilled technicians, who together provide rapid response for all chemical services and supply needs.
:List of main products of Abir Chemicals Company


Product Name Concentration  more details
  Diatomatious Earth 100% MSDS Specification
  Aluminum sulfate     Specification
  Sodium thiosufate 100%    
  Halobrom 96%-99.5% MSDS  
  Calcium Hypochlorite 65% MSDS  
  Hydrochloric acid 30%-32% MSDS Specification
  Oxidant tcca   MSDS Specification
  Amin a      
  Cyanuric acid   MSDS Specification
  Sodium hypochlorite 10%-12% MSDS Specification



The company sells all the technical equipment of all leading manufacturers are required to treat swimming pools.

A partial list:

♦ Integral control systems for machine rooms and swimming pools.

Automatic proportional dosing systems and Sammy - proportionality.

♦ Pumps vertigo.

♦ Large filters gradient, suspended substrate filters (Diatomi), filters Krtrif and more.